flat marker

flat grave markers are set flat and flush to the ground.. flat markers are usually rectangular in shape. standard size for a single flat marker is 24" long, 12" wide and 4" thick. flat markers are used in cemeteries to create a park like setting. an all flat marker cemetery section is easy to mow as the lawn movers ride on top of the flat markers.



20" long 10" wide 3" thick
24" long 12" wide 4" thick


gray   $189
black/blue   $215
red   $215
gray   $300
black/blue   $405
red   $450

Call (800) 900-7866

Call (800) 900-7866



36" long 12" wide 4" thick
48" long 12" wide 4" thick


gray   $450
black/blue   $608
red   $675
gray   $300
black/blue   $405
red   $450

Call (800) 900-7866

Call (800) 900-7866



what are the other names for a flat grave marker?

flush grave marker, flat tombstone marker, flat gravestone marker, flat burial marker

why should I choose a flat grave marker?

usually cemeteries regulate the type of marker that will be allowed in the grave site. if your budget is limited and want a marker, flat grave marker is the least expensive of all the options.

how much does a flat grave marker weigh?

depening on the size a flat grave marker weighs anywhere from 30 lbs to 250 lbs. our standard size 24” long, 12” wide and 4” thick flat grave marker weighs about 120 lbs. usually two people can handle the markers with ease.

can I set the flat grave marker myself?

yes you can set single grave markers yourself with an additional help it would be easier and will save your back! although the single markers is about 120lbs we recommend two people to handle it. you will also have to check with the cemetery to make sure they will let you set the marker. you will also need to pour foundation pad to set the grave marker on.

what are the other charges associated?

we do not charge you any more than the price listed on this website. our price includes the cost of the stone, all lettering and free shipping.
the cemetery will charge you for the concrete foundation pad. depending on the cemetery additional charges may apply – like setting charges, maintenance charges. please consult with your cemetery

can I get a layout before you manufacture?

we always send you our artists rendered layouts before we manufacture – usually within 24 hrs. our 3D rendered images will show exactly how the marker will look like after it is made. We do not manufacture until you approve the layout.

can you contact the cemetery for approval?

yes we can contact the cemetery for approval on your behalf. we charge $30 for cemetery contact. this will include us making sure this marker and size is allowed in the section, getting the layout and picture approval from the cemetery.

what is the most common issue that I'll have to watch for?

customers sometimes order a grave marker that is not allowed in the cemetery. we produce the grave marker based on the customer requirement only to find out that the cemetery has rejected the shipment. usually cemeteries that sell bronze markers insist of having bronze only markers. The best thing to do is to call the cemetery before hand to make sure of their regulations regarding the size, type and color of the markers.