bevel grave markers are set flat on the ground. bevel markers are taller on the back edge, which enables a better visibility of the grave marker details. bevel grave markers are usually rectangular in shape with polished top surface and a natural granite rock finish on the edges. standard size for a single bevel grave marker is 24” long, 12” wide and 6” thick on the back edge and 4” thick on the front edge. bevel grave markers are also used as a backing stone for bronze plaques and also as foot stones for large estate headstones and mausoleums


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Call (800) 900-7866


Call (800) 900-7866

Call (800) 900-7866


what are the other names for a bevel grave marker?

bevelled grave marker, bevel tombstone marker, bevel gravestone marker, bevel burial marker, pillow marker, hickey marker and elevated tombstone marker.

why should I choose a bevel grave marker?

usually cemeteries regulate the type of marker that will be allowed in the grave site. bevel grave marker is the next best option compared to a flush grave marker. bevel grave marker is elevated on the back edge compared to the front edge. this enables a better visibility of the memorial details for some standing from a distance. bevel grave markers are also used as bronze backers for bronze memorial plaques. you will need a bevel grave marker if there is a large estate monument that is placed as a common memorial in a family burial lot.

how much does a bevel grave marker weigh?

depening on the size a bevel grave marker weighs anywhere from 80 lbs to 400 lbs. our standard size 24” long, 12” wide and 4” thick flat grave marker weighs about 150 lbs. usually two people can handle the markers with ease.

can I set the bevel grave marker myself?

yes you can set single bevel markers yourself, with an additional help it would be easier and will save your back! although the single markers is about 150lbs we recommend two people to handle it. you will also have to check with the cemetery to make sure they will let you set the marker. you will also need to pour foundation pad to set the grave marker on.